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Silicon Valley: Socializing The Public’s Privacy…

November 19, 2010

Socialize public privacy then privatize and profit from the public’s loss of privacy – or at least try to.

This explains the social in Social Media.

I couldn’t have summarized the present state of the Venture Capital industry and the internet at large any better than if I were a Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist.

Socialize Public Privacy

Socialize Public Privacy

Quantifiable Social Media Results?

April 8, 2010

From eMarketer:

It’s no secret that online marketers care about measurability. Six in 10 respondents to Datran Media’s “4th Annual Marketing & Media Survey” said measuring and understanding their audience was a priority, and more than 87% said accurate online audience measurement was at least somewhat important for driving increased brand awareness, revenues or performance.

Bringing hard metrics to the realm of social media remains a challenge, however, with marketers worldwide in disagreement over whether 2010 will be the year they see quantifiable results from their efforts. Just over one-half think they will, but nearly four in 10 are unsure.

“For the few marketers who do attempt to apply quantitative measures to their social marketing efforts, the metrics they use are not terribly sophisticated,” noted eMarketer CEO and co-founder Geoff Ramsey in the eMarketer Insight Brief “Seven Guidelines for Achieving Social Media ROI.” “Most marketers today do not invest sufficient time, effort or money on social media measurement.”

The leading metrics used to measure social success focus on increased site traffic, which can be an important barometer of consumer interest for a brand but on its own it cannot justify heavier investment in social media.

Quantifiable Social Media Results

Quantifiable Social Media Results

This is why social media is nothing more than just another broadcast channel albeit a new and as yet unmeasured one.

If I were in the social media business, I would be doing everything in my power to keep social media from being measured – that’s right keep it from being measured.


Because once its performance gets measured particularly against its online competitive advertising alternatives, social media’s value as a whole will plummet – at least to those who had invested money in it.

Razorfish: How Brands Should Use Social Media

July 13, 2009

Razorfish has just released a report called “Fluent: The Razorfish Social Influence Marketing Report”

which suggests ways Brands should be using Social Media.