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Mac App Store Launch

January 6, 2011

Today Apple launched the Mac App Store with the usual Apple fanfare.

Mac App Store Launch

Mac App Store Launch

I was excited to give the new Mac App store a try.

After an hour spent downloading Mac OS X 10.6.6, I learned my machine is at 10.5.8 which of course requires a paid update to Mac OS X 10.6 before I can install the new Mac App Store.

How silly of me!

Shouldn’t I have known a new Mac product I have an interest in would require my upgrading my systems to try it out?

Having owned Apple products since 1989, I indeed should have known better.

In related news – its been reported Apple plans to create a cloud based Mac.

Apple Creating Cloud-Based Mac

Apple Creating Cloud-Based Mac

Apps and Clouds – it is all starting to make sense now.