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New Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop Keyword Research Tool

March 5, 2010

For those of you who have been in the search marketing business for a while, you will be pleased to see Yahoo’s Search Marketing Desktop’s 2010 reincarnation of the Overture Keyword Tool.

Same Yahoo data – 2010 style…

Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop Keyword Research Tool

Yahoo Search Marketing Desktop Keyword Research Tool

Yahoo’s new “Research Keywords” feature is Ajax based and approaches the research process differently than any other keyword tool I have seen before.

Specifically after entering a url for keyword analysis, Yahoo’s keyword research tool presents a list of potential keyword phrases – one at a time – and then asks users whether the keywords presented are relevant or not.

Users can then select Yes, No or Skip.

Yes No Skip

Yes No Skip

While this process of selecting or deselecting keywords one at a time initially seems time consuming, it helps marketers first clarify who their target audiences are and more importantly who they aren’t.

Yahoo’s keyword research tool provides the canonical form of the keyword – which I believe is a first for the keyword tool market- estimated search volume and advertiser competition.

The tool also provides keyword suggestions from the Top 100, Top 500 and Top 1000 results.

I am looking forward to using Yahoo’s Search Marketing Desktop Keyword Research Tool.

Discovering its new features reminds me of the excitement I first felt when I discovered the Overture (Yahoo) Keyword Suggestion Tool.