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January 10, 2011

Running a bunch of Google accounts and websites by memory requires almost all of my bandwidth.

Every now and then I will not get the correct user name or password entered even after several attempts.

Eventually this generates a Google CAPTCHA which has to be entered to access the inaccessible site.

The CAPTCHA is used to keep bots and spammers from breaking into a Google account.

The CAPTCHA also serves as a irritant to old guys like me who can read regular type on computer screens but not necessarily fancy pants type like those found in the CAPTCHA.

Its one thing to try and remember a forgotten user name and or password, its an entirely different thing to try and remember either while also deciphering a tiny CAPTCHA.

Well after failing the CAPTCHA test more times than I care to remember, I finally came up with a hack that takes some of the guess out of the CAPTCHA work.

Regardless of which browser you use, each has a View toolbar where a browser page can be enlarged.

I never knew they existed until I realized the only way I could get the CAPTCHA right was if it was about five times bigger.




Increase your browser view size to accurately see what any letters Google CAPTCHA throws your way!