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Day Five Of Disconnect

March 15, 2010

Today is my fifth day to be disconnected from twelve plus hour week days spent on the web.

Day Five of Disconnect

Day Five of Disconnect

At this point in my disconnection I am wondering – what could I achieve investing the same sixty hours a week elsewhere?

Day Four of Disconnect: Reconnection

March 14, 2010

Today was a much nicer day here in paradise.

At The Beach: Day Four

At The Beach: Day Four

The sky was clear, the winds were down and so were the waves.

Ironically, being disconnected has allowed me to get reconnected in more ways than one.

Day Three Of Disconnect

March 13, 2010

Today is my third day of being disconnected.

Day At The Beach

Day At The Beach

I am wondering how people who live at the beach can be productive?

Day Two Of Disconnect: Salesmanship Surfacing Strategy Live

March 12, 2010

What a difference a day makes!

Disconnected At The Beach

Disconnected At The Beach

After a twenty one hour day yesterday and a good night’s rest, my batteries are well on their way to being recharged.

I am trying out a new salesmanship surfacing strategy here that has already produced some simple yet profound discoveries.

What’s a salesmanship surfacing strategy?

Its the techniques I use to create environments where sellers go to their greatest lengths to try and sell me their products and services.

The process helps me identify and isolate the simplest human behaviors and motives used for making sales which I then reverse engineer and repackage for use in other sales environments.

What’s the best way to activate a Salesmanship Surfacing Strategy?

1. Pick a heavily trafficked tourist market on any continent

2. Book the most expensive accommodations that you can afford at the most expensive hotel or resort in the area.

3. Set out to experience all the city has to offer as if you had an unlimited amount of money to spend.

Salesman of all stripes will trip all over themselves to try and sell you whatever they have to offer whether you were at the moment or would ever be a buyer.

If there is a better way for experiencing every type of sales technique under the sun, I haven’t yet discovered it.

Granted you can go to any tourist mecca and immerse yourself in all the tourist venues to see what is selling and how its being sold. However, I have found that when salesman perceive there is unlimited budget attached to a prospect either through association with one’s hotel choice or how one dresses and behaves relative to all the other tourists – salesmen will pull out all of the stops!

The circumstances of selling to tourists on the fly – reduces salesmanship and those brave enough to practice it to selling’s primal core – you only eat what you -or your tribe – can kill (closed sales).

Only those who can stick it out and perfect their pitch have the best chance of surviving.

Tourist locales are truly the salesman’s toughest jungle.

Where else better to confirm which strategies and techniques work best?

In my first day alone,  I was exposed to eight scenes where salesmen’s selling processes were laid bare.

Here’s where these sales scenes occurred:

1. The Airport

2. Hotel Check-in

3. Beach jewelry sales guys

4. Bungee jumping

5. Hard Rock Cafe –  “the lizard on a leash”

6. Mimes

7. Taxi driver

8. The Monkey and Tiger

Of these eight selling scenes, the Monkey and Tiger provided the most insight.

I will write about what I learned from the Monkey and the Tiger in a future post.