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The Case Against Summer Vacation

July 30, 2010

I saw this cover of the current Time magazine while waiting for a flight at LAX.

The article poses an interesting question – is three months of downtime each summer causing American children to fall behind?

The Case Against Summer Vacation

The Case Against Summer Vacation

I think the answer is obvious.

What would happen to American adult jobs if they took off three months each year?

Others would surely step up and take their place.

Just days before seeing the Time Magazine cover I was at Disneyland where I saw a kid wearing a T-shirt that made an impression on me that coincidentally illustrates the differences between American kids  mentality and those who weren’t as lucky to be born here – the kid’s shirt said:

“I work mine off so I can kick yours.”

The kid wearing the T-Shirt didn’t appear to be anything like the one characterized in the illustration above.

Nor did the kid have any illusions about what it takes to succeed in America let alone the world today.

If only American kid’s were so lucky.