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The Gateway Arch Shadow

August 15, 2009

I started my day today by ascending to the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO.

By going to the top of the Arch before 9:00 A.m., I was able to catch the arch’s shadow albeit with a flash reflection in the picture as it cast itself on the objects below.

Gateway Arch Shadow

Gateway Arch Shadow

I then drove 500+ miles from St. Louis to my home in Nichols Hills, OK.

A Summer Road Trip

August 14, 2009

I have arrived in St. Louis, MO the next to last stop on my final big summer road trip.

A Summer Road Trip

A Summer Road Trip

My family and I have traveled 2,300+ miles and passed through six states in addition to our own and have had some great experiences.

Other than spending the night with family in Lake le Homme Dieu, MN, we have stayed at Hyatt Hotels in each city.

Our experiences with Hyatt hotels have been consistent and pleasurable.

Our two rooms in each city – Kansas City, Minneapolis, Chicago and St. Louis were clean and had better than expected views.

My hotel room in the St. Louis Hyatt provides a magnificent view of the Gateway Arch.

St Louis Hyatt Gateway Arch

St Louis Hyatt Gateway Arch