Google AdWords Modified Broad Match Keywords

Want more conversions, more control and comparable ROI?

Google AdWords suggests modified broad match keywords may do the trick.

Modified Broad Match Keywords: More Conversions, More Control, Comparable ROI

Modified Broad Match Keywords: More Conversions, More Control, Comparable ROI

My experience would suggest so too…

Running exact or phrase match only campaigns does produce highly relevant traffic yet it does so at the expense of volume.

If you are looking for more traffic, try modified broad match – doing so should double your paid search traffic – traffic almost as relevant as exact or phrase matched keyword traffic.


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2 Responses to “Google AdWords Modified Broad Match Keywords”

  1. JK73 Says:

    Agreed – broad match modifier does work to improve the performance of broad keywords. From running search query reports, it is evident that there are a higher proportion of relevant queries on broad match modifier keywords than on just broad matched keywords. I would recommend testing the virtues of using the modifier ‘+’ on each word in a keyword or on just some of them, depending on the sorts of words in your keyword phrase.

  2. Alan Mitchell Says:

    Although I couldn’t find much in terms of improvements in conversions when carrying out some analysis recently on modified broad match keywords , I did find that CTRs were higher and CPCs lower for keywords which were modified.

    Guess it makes complete sense – since you can be more targeted and improve the quality of visitors, of course performance should improve.


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