Why This Blog Covers Everything Yet Says Nothing

Sounds kind of ridiculous doesn’t it?

Why spend the time writing a blog while saying little to nothing new?

Why spend the time writing a blog to not sell something?

Good question!

After posting here everyday for a year during 2010 – with the exception of one day; a day where I got distracted and thought I had pressed publish when I had not – my answer has been – to see what comes of it.

To my surprise, there are actually subscribers to this blog.

When I first started writing this blog it was supposed to be more personal in nature.

However, I soon realized a blog wasn’t the best channel for expressing myself.

Anyway – back to the subject: Why this blog covers everything yet says nothing.

Its because maintaining two blogs each and everyday provided the degrees of focus and discipline I knew were required for my staying current in the businesses covered here – the media, internet / web and search businesses.

The latter are by definition the fastest moving businesses on the planet and missing a day or two can mean missing both minor and major developments – news I have drawn from to develop my understanding of communications.

So while I was covering everything media, internet / web or search whether here, on my main blog SearchMarketingCommunications.com or through my Twitter account, my primary objective was to pass along the news but retain the information needed to fill any remaining holes left in the knowledge base I have built.

All the holes have since been filled.

I haven’t published my findings here because those discoveries – the knowledge gleaned – is what I will be selling in my book – For Sale by Google.

If I had put my hard earned knowledge on the web it would have been stolen, repackaged and redistributed like everything else is on the web.

As I have said in the past, the web is the world’s first perpetual motion copying machine.

I know better not to feed anything I don’t want copied into it.


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