Fake Steven Slater Twitter Accounts

Steven Slater the Jet Blue flight attendant who recently “quit his job” appears to have set up a Twitter account.

As of this moment, the “real” Steven Slater has 469 followers.

Steven Slater

Steven Slater

A “Fake Slater” Twitter account has been established as well. However,  the Fake Slater account has 0 followers.

It appears knowing a Twitter account is fake doesn’t compel audience engagement.

Fake Slater

Fake Slater

Even though the first Steven Slater Twitter account appears to be legitimate – its not.

http://Twitter.com/StevenSlater is a a fake Twitter account too.

How do I know?

The picture “Steven Slater” provided of himself in the “real” Steven Slater Twitter account was scraped from the Wall Street Journal online – not from his own personal photo collection.

Highly unlikely and uncharacteristic of such a mellow fellow like Steven Slater – don’t you think?

Back to the drawing board – Twitter poser….

To combat cases like this, Twitter has established its Impersonation Policy.

Twitter Impersonation Policy

Twitter Impersonation Policy


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