I Write Like… Browser Based Writing Analyis Software

Ever wonder what your writing sounds like to those who read it?

I hadn’t thought about it much but Coding Memories apparently has.

Their site – I Write Like – is a browser based writing analysis program that compares writing samples with a database of famous authors works.

I Write Like

I Write Like

To give their tool a try, I took my post from yesterday and entered it into the I Write Like app.

To my surprise, I Write Like determined my writing to be like that of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov.


Often when I’m writing, it feels like I am trying to take notes in Russian – a language I don’t speak!

I Write Like Isaac Asimov

I Write Like Isaac Asimov

Still quite a compliment considering Asimov according to Wikipedia “was one of the most prolific writers of all time, having written or edited more than 500 books and an estimated 9,000 letters and postcards.”

Granted, yesterday’s blog post required a little more heavy lifting than a conversational piece so I found another one to test out to see who’s voice I was more likely to sound like on a regular basis.

Surprised again… I Write Like said the piece was similar to something Dan Brown would write.

I Write Like Dan Brown

I Write Like Dan Brown

I am sure if I kept digging I would find less remarkable writing but for now I am going to take I Write Like at their word.


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