Google Adwords Report Center Retiring

From the Inside Adwords blog:

The Report Center is full of helpful data, but effective campaign management needs to combine insights and control. That’s why we’ve moved a number of reports from the Report Center directly into the Campaigns tab.

Now you can use AdWords to see the search terms and automatic placements where your ads appeared, segment your data by things like keyword match type and day of week, and email and schedule downloads of the data you want to share. You can do it all on the same pages where you manage your campaigns, making finding key performance drivers (and acting on your discoveries) faster and easier.

With so much useful data available within the Campaigns tab, the AdWords Report Center is no longer the best place to find new reports. So, in order to build the most useful reporting tools possible, we plan to gradually move the existing reports from the Report Center into the Campaigns tab, then retire the Report Center entirely.



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