Twitter Follow Limits #Fail

I reached Twitter’s 2,000 person follow limit today.

Twitter Follow Limits

Twitter Follow Limits

Twitter explains their Follow limits are different for every user and after reaching 2000 follows correspond to follow / follower ratios.

From Twitter: “… we have put limits on how aggressively users can follow others.”

I Can't Follow People Limits

I Can't Follow People Limits

Unlike the vast majority of high volume Twitter spammers… umm… users, I don’t follow people mindlessly nor do I follow people expecting them to follow me back.

I don’t use autofollow bots nor do I mine Tweets and Twitter accounts to auto follow.

I simply follow Twitter accounts of people who appear to approach the web and Twitter from a slightly different perspective than I do.

This propensity for dissimilarity is near infinite and obviously wasn’t considered when Twitter calculated its rules and ratios for how many Twitter accounts a legitimate Twitter account can follow.

If dissimilarity was considered, it was deemed spammy because Twitter has attracted more high volume spammers than legitimate high volume users.


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