Find Locations For Flu Shots in Google Maps

Google recently launched a flu shot locator, which uses Google Maps to show searchers nearby locations offering seasonal and/or H1N1 flu vaccine.

Google users can find this information on a standalone page as well as in Google search results when searching for terms like [flu], [flu shot], [h1n1 shot] and [flu vaccine]. The flu onebox also includes tips on staying healthy from

Google Flu Shot Locations

Google Maps Flu Shot Locator


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2 Responses to “Find Locations For Flu Shots in Google Maps”

  1. WatchmansWarning Says:

    According to a report at, the H1N1 vaccine will be incorporated into this year’s seasonal flu vaccine.

  2. youandyellowme Says:

    There is no way that these corporations can assure any one individual of the safety or effectiveness of H1N1 Vaccine. Nor are they doing it. You can also check this site and learn more about flu,

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