Audience Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD)

Every person in the industrialized world who owns a mobile phone or computer has Audience Attention Deficit Disorder (AADD).

The more devices a person owns the more severe their case of Audience Attention Deficit Disorder becomes.

People who have Audience Attention Deficit Disorder spend their time focused on channels for getting media attention as opposed to giving media channels their attention.

Although the disorder is found in technology device owners, advertisers and the media they used to count on to reach audiences are the groups most affected by it.

As Audience Attention Deficit Disorder progresses through societies, the audiences advertisers used to count on and prey upon for attention to create demand for their products grows less and less interested in their advertising messages.

Technology device owners can attend Attention Anonymous 12 step meetings to learn how to live their lives again without distraction, yet there is no known cure for Advertisers who have lost their audience’s attention.


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