Google Adwords Low Share of Voice

Back in February of this year I noticed Google Adwords had introduced “Low share of voice” into my new Adwords Interface beta.

The message was visible throughout my account for about a week and then disappeared.

Apparently, “Low share of voice” has been pushed into a much larger group of Google Adwords accounts today because I along with a lot of other Adwords advertisers are seeing the term at the keyword level in their accounts.

Sarah Q on Twitter asked how she could have high Quality Score keywords and still receive a “low share of voice” status.

My reply: Google Adwords “Low share of voice” replaces “Impression Share” and doesn’t impact Quality Score.

Increasing a Keyword’s Max CPC and or campaign’s “daily budget” should increase a keyword’s share of voice.

Google defines “Low share of voice” as follows:

Share of voice
A measure of how often your ads appear as compared to the total impressions available to you in the market you were targeting for a relevant time period. A “Low share of voice” status indicates missed opportunities, or impressions. In which case, there may be a problem with your keyword, such as a low bid or poor quality score. Point your cursor at the status message to find out more about the potential issues.

Google Adwords Share of Voice Definition

Google Adwords Share of Voice Definition


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