Holiday Shopping Research Trends

From Google:

Holiday researching is starting earlier and earlier. We’ve been surveying shoppers every 2 weeks to track progress of their holiday shopping and as of October 19:

Holiday Shopping Research

Holiday Shopping Research

Source: Google/Ipsos OTX Consumer Pulse Check

The biggest takeway is that researching/shopping started even earlier than last year. By October 19, 73% of consumers had started researching/shopping vs. 59% in 2009. Purchasing remains more consistent: 51% in 2010 vs. 46% in 2009. Although retailers will see a bulk of their sales in December, consumers are beginning to make decisions about what they are going to buy, and half have already bought a holiday gift.

Why do shoppers begin researching and buying early?

Early Shopper Motives

Early Shopper Motives

Getting ahead of the rush tops the list why shoppers research and buy early according to Google.

Makes sense – what better way for consumers to save time than to research and buy products at the time most convenient to them?


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