Facebook Decreases IQ And Attractiveness

A mentor of mine has a euphemism for the concept of “wisdom of crowds” – he calls it a “room temperature IQ”.

He then goes on to say that for those present in the room he is giving some (IQ points) and for others he is taking some (IQ points) away.

Conceptually he is saying by definition as a group increases in size its collective and thus individual intelligence decreases.

If this type of crowd mentality occurs offline, what is to prevent it from occurring online?

Specifically what prevents this decreased group intelligence from occurring online and infecting the individuals in a social networked crowd like those found in Facebook?

I recently read a person’s personality and disposition are a reflected average of the five people they interact with most.

If a person spends their free time throughout the day entering a Facebook room filled with 120 of their closest “friends”,  how can their IQ not be lowered to room temperature?

What’s attractive about a person let alone a group with a Room Temperature IQ?



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