Google Instant Indexing

I heard an interesting quote from Sergey Brin today during the Google Press conference for their Google Instant search innovation.

I included Brin’s quote – “We want to make Google the third half of your brain” in a blog post and  shortly after publishing it searched Google to see how many news sites had picked up the same quote.

To my surprise, my blog post along with posts from the Wall Street Journal and CNET was indexed almost simultaneously upon publication.

Instant Indexing

Instant Indexing

The same can not be said about my blog posts in Yahoo / Bing search results.

Yahoo Indefinite Indexing

Yahoo Indefinite Indexing

Yahoo / Bing’s “8” results came a full hour after posting to my blog, while Google’s 173 results were available at the time of my initial post.

If in search size does matter, Bing search still obviously has its work cut out for it.



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