Internet TV Viewing Habits

From eMarketer:

The advantages of watching television shows online are straightforward. When comScore asked cross-platform TV viewers in December 2009 which factors would make them choose to watch online, being able to watch wherever and whenever they wanted, as well as to pause and play shows at will, were the top reasons.

But the “overall viewing experience” still tilted in television’s favor, and younger adults remain the most likely group to watch TV shows on the Web.

According to consumer electronics site Retrevo’s “Gadgetology Report,” 23% of Internet users under 25 watched “most” of their TV on the Internet, compared with 8% of all online adults. Under-25s were also less than one-half as likely to say they watched no TV on the Web.

Web TV Views

Web TV Views

While the days of Network and Cable TV may not yet be numbered, the days of Packet TV are here to stay.



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