Is Regurgitating News Through Blogs Worth The Effort?

After a great deal of thought and preparation for my book, I have come to see news,  its production and market value in an entirely different light relative to every other type of content.

This in turn has caused me to question what value if any can be harvested from regurgitating and repackaging news related content which already exists in some other form and in some another “producers” channel?

Q: If traditional news isn’t transactional online (read: doesn’t make money)  for legitimate news publishers, how in the world could it ever be transactional for the legions of bloggers trying to copy and paste their way to an audience let alone an income?

A: It can’t.

If I recall correctly, the whole blogging concept was sold to the world by Silicon Valley – the ultimate beneficiary of blogging’s mass adoption.

Come to think of it… the same sales pitch is being made right now with “social media”.

Call me jaded.

Am I to honor the code and keep selling and towing the same story line or should I instead call a spade a shovel?

In either case and at this point, its not quite clear what’s in it for me.

Q: What percentage of the tens of millions of blogs make any money?

A: My guess – less than .01.

What percentage produce a profit?

A: My guess – less .01 of .01.



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