Funky Google Search Result For Local Business Listing

I was talking to my son today about a vertically integrated restaurant I had been to in London that produced its own game.

It had been several years since I had been there and I was having trouble remembering its name and exactly where it was located.

Our conversation came about because we have a local restaurant chain headquartered here that raises its own dairy cows and beef that it sells in its stores.

I then remembered the London restaurant’s name – Rules.

Rules serves game grown on its privately owned Lartington Estate (farm).

In addition to being a vertically integrated restaurant, it may also be the world’s oldest vertically integrated restaurant because Rules is the oldest restaurant in London.

Rules was established in 1798.

I found Rule’s location in Google but was surprised to find the funky characters below displayed above their Local Business Listing.

Funky Search Result

Funky Search Result

A second search wasn’t able to reproduce the same error.


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