Switchers: An Interesting Ad Positioning Statement

I saw this display ad while searching Dictionary.com for definitions.

Positioning Statement

Positioning Statement

With the exception of disruptive category creating new products, companies and their products or services compete within existing and usually for previously won market shares.

Thus a solid strategy for both new and old competitors alike to begin the process of moving buyers to their product from another producer’s product is to try and reach potential “switchers”.

Switchers are consumers who already buy like products or services from existing (uusually) market share leaders but who are unsatisfied with their present provider.

All switchers are looking for are enough good reasons for them to justify dropping their present supplier in favor of a new one.

At a minimum, an alternative provider must supply an equal or greater value experience.

Ideally the new provider must promise an experience significantly more valuable in order to earn the belief and trust that is requisite for switchers to switch.

The above picture makes such a promise.

Whether or not the product advertised can deliver on its promise or not isn’t necessary at this stage in the switching process.

The purpose of switchers ad positioning statement is simply to get the attention of prospective new buyers, ie. switchers which in the case above – it did.


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