Google Blog Alerts

A great technique for monitoring brand terms across the web is to set up a Google alert for one or more brand related keywords.

Google Alerts although not perfect are pretty efficient at retrieving new mentions of alert terms from News, Blog and other Web sources.

Google Blog Alerts

Google Blog Alerts

Frankly I had forgotten about this technique until after I saw one of my own blog posts in today’s Google Alerts for Google Adwords.

Receiving the above Google Alert reminded  me just how effective this technique is for listening to and hearing what’s being said on the web.

Blogger Create Link

Blogger Create Link

Additionally, I discovered Blogger accounts will generate a Google Alert when creating a link back to other Google Blogger accounts like the Official Google Blog post referenced in the alert above.

Google Blogger Alerts

Google Blogger Alerts

An alert is generated regardless of whether an entire post was composed or not.

Do Google Alerts generate supplemental traffic to blogs or websites?

How much traffic would have to be generated to make it worth the time and effort to create several links a day for your branded terms?

In which ways could innovative bloggers use this process to generate ongoing market awareness of their business and brands via Google Alerts?


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