All Businesses and People Are Now Media Companies

I read a quote today from Shane Smith co-founder of VICE Magazine about brands.

Smith said, “All brands should think of themselves as media companies.”

Smith’s thought is a provocative one.

However, I think he just touched the surface.

Tom Foremski at Silicon Valley Watcher has been beating a similar sounding media company drum for several years.

After giving both of their perspectives a great deal of thought, I believe both were right.

Yet I believe both left pieces unsaid.

As a result and because of the ever increasing role the internet has in our daily lives, I now think all businesses and people are media companies. Some are just better programmers than others.


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One Response to “All Businesses and People Are Now Media Companies”

  1. Lorraine Sawicki Says:

    I would like to say, how absolutely true you are! I never thought that opening a e-commerce business just months ago, I would be sitting here
    reading this article, blog, Press release using you-tube, twitter, and face book to fully market my new endeavor. I just never assumed that I opened a media
    company until just know! I’ve studied my product so thoroughly when creating it, Trademarking it, and patenting it. know! the study of Marketing it. I do
    believe that some sort of college course was in order for me, with full determination I spend 12 hours a-day on-line, like a giant sponge soaking it all up! Hoping and praying that orders soon start to flow in. My next endeavor should be to help promote on-line Company’s, by then I should have it down pat. That thought only gives me more passion to succeed.

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