2nd WordPress Blog Post via Email and ATT Wifi :(

I have been stuck in a travelers hell since shortly after 7:00 AM this morning.

The second American flight I boarded for a 7:45 AM departure sat in the gate
until 9:00 AM before the pilot informed us the airplane wasn’t fit for flight.

We were then were told to get off the plane and were given no further instructions.

Had I not asked a ticket agent what I was supposed to do to get myself to my final
destination in Hartford, CT., I would still be standing in the airport lobby.

Instead of a direct flight to Hartford from Dallas arriving at 12:30 PM., I instead
have been routed to Raleigh Durham, NC where I now sit.

The connecting flight I arranged and booked for myself departs for Hartford @7:30 PM.
I am hoping to get to Hartford by 9:45 PM this evening.

With all the direct flights sold out and only a handful of other options for reaching

Hartford today on American Airlines, I guess I should count myself lucky.

Now to the point of my post:

Since I am not yet at my hotel in Wallingford, CT, I am having to check emails
via the AT&T Wifi service in the Raleigh Durham, NC airport.

I paid $7.99 for 24 hours and so far I have been able to stay online 15 minutes
total after 30 minutes or more attempting to connect.

So what better way to use the new WordPress Blog Post by email feature than
to comment on the state of another internet service provider’s quality of service?

AT&T Wifi =(

timothy cohn


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One Response to “2nd WordPress Blog Post via Email and ATT Wifi :(”

  1. David Says:

    Ugggh… Hartford. I have a flight nightmare story involving Hartford. Was flying into BWI one summer eve and we diverted because of thunderstorms. Went all the way to Hartford. Along the way we flew over some beach areas and I could see people strolling on boardwalks and all I could think was “they are enjoying a lovely summer eve at the beach and I’m stuck on this d@mn plane.”

    We landed in Hartford and sat for a long while. By now I’d missed dinner and had to beg for peanuts. Finally returned to BWI in the middle of the night.

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