Vital Signs

I was vacuuming my home’s new addition last Thursday evening and got some dust in my eye.

Unlike before where I instantly knew something was in my eye, this time was different.

After several hours and right before I was about to go to sleep I felt something was still in my eye.

I then spent the next 30 minutes trying to wash what I thought was a piece of sand out of my eye to no avail. I went to bed thinking it would work its way out overnight.

Instead when I awoke, my eye felt worse.

I tried rinsing it out again while trying to prepare myself for work and my kids for school.

As I was driving my kids to school my right eye began tearing up uncontrollably.

The sun was shining bright while I was driving my car with one eye open while the other was closed and covered with my handkerchief. I am sure I was quite a sight to other drivers.

Seeing and driving with one just eye is more difficult than it sounds.

After dropping my kids off, I realized I needed immediate medical attention.

I called the local hospital emergency room and learned they had no wait time.

Apparently Friday mornings are one of the slowest times for Emergency Rooms while Friday nights are one of the busiest.

I arrived and then walked into the Emergency Room.  I was admitted immediately.

Shortly thereafter I was seen by the Emergency Room Nurse who took my vital signs.

I had not had them taken recently and was pleased to learn I was otherwise healthy.

My blood pressure was 120 / 80.

My pulse rate was 63.

Because of the nature of my visit, a vision test was also in order.

Although I am 46 years old, I was surprised to learn I have 20/10 vision in both eyes – even the eye that brought me to the Emergency Room in the first place.

If I were attribute my 20/10 eyesight to any one thing, I would have to guess my vision is better than average because I focus and concentrate on letters and numbers all day long on a tiny computer screen like yours.

The Emergency Room Physician labeled my eye injury as a form of Conjunctivitis. Although my eye had no scratches, a gland underneath my eyelid had swollen which produced an ongoing sensation of something still being stuck in my eye.

I remarked how important both eyes were for seeing (obviously) at which point he stated one eye produces monocular vision whereas both eyes are required to have binocular vision.

Binocular vision is what is required for seeing in three dimensions.

I wonder what type of vision is required for seeing in four dimensions?



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