Running Long Distances Again

This past weekend it occurred to me I hadn’t consistently run long distances since I last trained for and ran the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon in 2001.

With my children all in school now, I decided I could again carve out the time necessary for running longer distances.

Even though I haven’t been running long distances, I still have ran five miles at a time several times a week since running the 2001 marathon.

Four years ago, I also started working out with a personal trainer because I concluded running in and of itself hadn’t strengthened my entire body.

To my surprise, four years of weight training has made a significant difference in my ability to run long distances.

Saturday I ran 10,000 meters. Sunday I ran 10.0 miles.

Running each distance this past weekend was much easier than when I had first attempted to run either 10k or 10 miles.

There are both psychological and physical barriers which impede levels of performance.

I am pleased to report after having run 10k and 10 miles this past weekend, I have fewer or both.

“Trust only movement. Life happens at the level of events, not of words. Trust movement.” Alfred Adler

Time to go now, I gotta run…


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