Family, Travelling and Writing

Trying to find time to write while skiing with my family in Colorado and jammed into a two bedroom condo at Dakota Lodge, Keystone, Colorado is more difficult than trying to find it at home while not on vacation.

Der Fondue Chessel Keystone Colorado

Der Fondue Chessel Keystone Colorado

After years of skiing without lessons, today I learned to purposefully make cuts in powder as opposed to making cuts where my speed and direction took me. The results produced a degree of skiiing control that previously had eluded me.

Prior to my breakthrough today, skiing meant high speed downhill racing and being nearly out of control.

I am looking forward to applying my new level of ski control the next time I go skiing.

In explaining my new found discovery to wife and sons, my fourteen year old son who has had the benefit of our having bought him snow board lessons for the last six years declared “you are an ….”.

If you have or have had a teenager you should be able to fill in the blank.

We are getting up at 4:00 AM tomorrow to begin the twelve hour drive home.

I am ready to get back to my home and work.



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